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Quality product standard: TIS 1195-2536

Our products, which design to apply for hi-fi stereo and home theater components were audited to conform the industrial standard TIS 1195-2536 by Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI).


More than 29 years ago, Silicon Power Supply   has been creating the products' standard of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage Regulator to be well known and be accepted in Thailand. Since,We have been developing to higher quality and now we are the leadership of forward advancement than other competitors because we never stop to develop to be better

The Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner, which designs to apply for Hi - Fi stero and home theater components should accord to the industrial standard. Therefore, We are the first manufacture of these products that were tested and certified by Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI).

And this verification has also shown our engrossment and leadership. to create the new innovation of different, products, that always be up to date and high efficiency.

SIDITAL SRD-SERIES is the best innovation of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer products, which was integrated between expert experience and high technology. To create a new innovation of Digital Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner products in Thailand under SIDITAL trademark as reflection to the advanced technology and confidence of true power.

With developments are based on full efforts. We are ready to bring the best thing to our customer for responding their trust on us. Therefore, anytime, when you need to use the Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner to meet your requirement, please specify high quality products of Silicon Power Supply. As to, we are the leader of international standard on quality products in Thailand.


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