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" Develop products, Advance towards Quality and Care for Services, To Satisfy Customer "

Besides Develop Product and Advance towards Quality as we are always be the leader in research and creation of the new innovation.


Care for Services this is another one of quality policy that we define and emphasize on the equality of all important focus above. Therefore, we are pleased to devote, determine, and provide the best services to our customer. From pre-sales services with complete customer requirement to post-sales services by serve them to be firm confidence on us all the time.

    Our officers stand by on information to answer any questions and explain products' specifications. Also give, send and present more details of products to meet the utmost requirement of customer.
     The electrical system inspection and machine's power requirement are our services before customer decides to specify the model and power rating of stabilizer. It is our pleasure to give advice for provide consulting to choose available product meet to customer requirement and highest efficiency of application with equipment or machine. Therefore, we are ready to inspect electrical system and power rating on site without charge of services. *
     In case of equipment, machine or electrical devices have something wrong or out of order by unknown causes or unsure what the causes of electrical problems are. Though, we have the Power Quality Analyzer equipment from France to measure and analyze the power quality of electrical problems on site by free of charge.*

     To be confident on our products can protect and solve electrical problems and improve higher power quality for equipment, machine, hi-fi component, home theater and electronic devices to operate fully efficiency without an error occurrence. So, we are pleased to offer evaluative products for testing with no charge.*

    When our customer decided to place an order, we ensure to deliver products on schedule. Customer will receive the accurate and complete products with user manual.



Incase for installation, we have the quality technicians who have been finished both inside and outside training courses. Our technicians are ready to serve with their expertise and experience for installation and explain the way to use products.

     We are confident on our quality products, witch are the best design and particular production.So, we are the first one to give 2 years of warranty period by free of charge both the spare parts and services fee.

Including no charge on manpower and replacement parts that were damaged by cause of manufacturer's production or cause by usual operation of user as depends the warranty period in warranty card.

     If the stabilizer is out of order, please contact our services division or the distributor who sold our stabilizer. We provide technicians to repair or take the broken stabilizer on site in Bangkok Metropolis. The customer who lives in other provinces, please deliver the stabilizer by transport bus or transportation service. But for the large size of stabilizer, we provide on site services as incase the distance not far from 200 km of radius with free of charge. If long distance over the radius, it will be upon the contract agreement between customer and our company .


     When the stabilizer is default or can not operate, it should be taken to repair and solve problems. Therefore, for more comfortable and fast service to customer . Please, do it step by step as following.
1) Preparing the important details. The customer can prepare the details of stabilizer by look at the information on warranty card or nameplate on product as these items follows. warranty card
         Power Rating
Serial Number
2) Inform the fault condition of stabilizer.
     3) Request to repair stabilizer. Customer can inform to our services division by the comfortable contact as follows.
By telephone number: 0 -2275-1182, 0-2275-1275, 0-2275-7161, 0-2276-9973
By fax number: 0-2275-7309
By e- mail: services@siliconthai.com
By transportation service
                  Customer who lives in province can send, but not over weight stabilizer and please include your complete details to our office by transportation service such as; The transport Company or Individual Transport Service, and then transport to:
            Services Division
Silicon Power Supply Co., Ltd.
                        455/13-16 Soi Phibunupatham (Latphrao 48)
                         Latphrao Road, Samsennok, Huaykwang
                         Bangkok, Thailand 10320

By Owner walk-in
                 Customer can bring the light weight stabilizer by hands to our office at office hours on Monday to Saturday during time at 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. (Location Map) After our services personnel got the details from customer, then we will contact for making an appointment to to repairs or take the broken stabilizer.

     We provide the maintenance service for the Large stabilizer on schedule time. We will send our technicians for maintain, checking, repairing, and tuning the stabilizer to operate regularly. For ensure customer's confidence on efficiency of using the stabilizer through the end of warrantee period.
     Moreover services above within warranty period. We realize the importance of continuous services. So, when the warranty period is expiry, customer who interests and aims to the necessary of expense management for maintenance the equipment or machinery, customer can extend contract of the warranty with our company. Our services personnel are ready and be pleased to serve for your continuous maintenance.
      We have the personal in charge of all divisions in services, productions, Techniques and Research & Development who involve in teamwork and prompt to provide consulting and answering any questions about the products operation. Our customer will be ensured that all problems will be solved throughout long life using of durable products.

Remarks: The guarantee is fulfilled only in Thailand.
* Guarantee is limited only in Bangkok Metropolis, but other provinces depend on consideration of our company.
* Our company may keep guarantee's right of services as mentioned above by our consideration.

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