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Primary Metal Machinery Packing & Packaging Machinery
Textile Mill Machinery Food and Medicine Machinery
Printing and Publishing Machinery Industry Robot

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Dentistry Equipment Scientific Equipment
Analysis Equipment & Laboratory Equipment

Telecommunication equipment and components group such as: 
PABX Satellite Receiver and Transmitter
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Stereo Set, Home Theater TV FAX , Copier Machinery
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The power quality is an importance factor that effect to hi-technology of electrical/electronic instruments and machineries in various production industries, which operate by electricity such as; parts production of vehicle, electronic, computer, electrical appliance, furniture, jewelry, lens, medical supplies, textile mill, printing & publishing, plastics, metal, and food &and medicine industry. In case of without the good power quality, the equipment and machineries that use for production operation and all production process might be fault or damage. Affect to lose time and pay for expense. As mentioned above,when taking Automatic Voltage Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage Regulator to install for operation, it can improve the power quality to be better efficiency.

Silicon Power Supply Co., Ltd. has been researching and developing the quality products of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Line Conditioner, which operate by Static Electronic System for efficiency and highest benefit of applications. Our products can be used to supply eletrical system both Single Phase System and Three Phase System. Including the especial application products for hi-fi stereo and home theater components that provide for suitable operation and responding for requirement of using to protect and solve the electrical system problems.
Moreover, to improve the power quality of equipment and all kind of sensitive electronic components can operate extremely efficiency.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Line Conditioner
Single Phase system >> SRD-Series
Digital control and display

 Three Phase system >> SR-380X Series
    Digital Control
Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Line Conditioner
Model SXD-Series Power rating 2000/3000/4000 Watt
Model SXE-20 Power rating 1,600 Watt
Model VR-100ie Power rating 800 Watt
Line Conditioner
Model Mountain1 Next Power rating 3,300 Watt
Model Space1 Power rating 2,000 Watt
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