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Product Overview

       SIDITAL SRD-SERIES is Automatic Voltage Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage Regulator, which is controlled and displayed by Digital System with higher efficiency operation on step over former limit through Menu Function, Safety System and Accurate Voltage. Be the perfect intelligent stabilizer for using with equipment, machine and all kind of sensitive electronic instrument to stability and efficiency operation .

SRD-SERIES " The Extreme Stabilizer "

The stabilizer is controlled and displayed by     ultramodern disital system, that effect to fine, correct,     accurate and speedy operation.
Control output voltage regulation at ±5%, ±2.5%,
     ±1.5%, ±1% or most accuracy ±0.5%.
Precise voltage 0.1 V.
Use electronic switch for changing tap transformer at     Zero Voltage Crossing and special design isolated     electronic switch from main power of Input and Output,     therefore definitely without line disturbance.
Fastest respondence more than other type of
voltage stabilizer.
 Advance protection system with display (Self-
    diagnosis function).
Delayed supply output voltage to decrease inrush   
    current that effect to load of connective equipment..
Protect surge voltage after blackout and then restore     suddenly by reset system, which can set Manual or     Auto reset as user can set timer.  
Set output voltage center to match with using of     connective equipment or adjust to replace of drop      voltage.
Over and under voltage protection can set appropriatly      with voltage and timing.
Build-in automatic shutdown when frequency error and     voltage fluctuation, which can set to turn on or turn of     system.
Automatic shutdown display and keep in memory for     review.
Sound alarm system can set on or off status.
Sleep timer setting can set a time period from 1
    minute to 5 hours.
Provide freedom of setting all function to available     application by pressing buttons at the front panel     without remove the cover.
EMI/RFI Line filters and Spike fuse can protect
    lightning surge voltage.

   With more features of the characteristic that advance forwards to the future and be as superior difference from former product.


Voltage Stabilization System

         Use the ultramodern digital technology for compiling and controlling output voltage value to be precise accuracy and          speedy operation by voltage stabilization of Static Electronics System, which use Triac or SCR to be as electronic          switch for selection Tap of transformer at Zero Voltage Crossing with calculating system that it is high accurate and          speedy operation to be fastest respondence within 10 mS. more faster than all other type of stabilizer. Be able to control          output voltage regulation at ±5%, ±2.5%, ±1.5%, ±1% or most accurate ±0.5%. Moreover, this operation system does not          generate signal to disturb the electricity and be the best system for suitable application with all sensitive electronic          equipment.



   Digital Operation Control System
         The operation system is controlled by Digital type, which it has a marvelous management of Menu Function. Be able to          adjust all setting function for suitable application with buttons on the front panel without open the cover of the stabilizer then
         it makes convenience and safety for using. Capability to adjust setting value of output voltage center from 200.0V-240.0V by          stabilization to the most precise voltage of 0.1V. to match with requirement of instrument, machine and electronic equipment          for improving the most efficiency and also has the system of supply voltage for operating the complete stabilizer and then          supply the electric power to output.

   Power Transformer and Electronic Switch
         Design the voltage stabilization system by using two power transformers co-operate together that there are transformer of          separate coil type with transformer of supplement and deduction that mutual work in Series Boost-Buck Transformer          manner to supply the electromotive force and the electric current will be full power and fast continuance more than other          system. It designs to connect with electronic switch by isolate from main of electricity both input and output, therefore          definitely  without line disturbance and make more long life of durable using.

   Spike Transient Protection and Filter
         Use Metal Oxide Varistor and circuit of Spike Transient Suppressor, which can reduce the line disturbance that may be          caused by Motor, Welding Machinery, turning power ON/OF electronic switch or streaked lightning. There are Toroidal Coil          to protect high frequency such as Radio Frequency Interference   and Lighting Gas Arrester to protect danger from          thunderbolt. When input voltage that coming is higher than normal rate too much, Gas Arrester will force Spike Fuse to be          blowout and then the stabilizer will stop operation immediately to protect the electronic equipment or computer for          avoiding from damage.

   Short Circuit Protection
         When there is short circuit in any case of input or output side, the stabilizer will be stopped operation immediately by Fuse          or Circuit Breaker, to be cause no electricity supply to input side of the stabilizer for protect connective equipment which is          operating avoid from danger or damage.

   Surge Voltage Protection
         The reset system can protect surge voltage when blackout and then restore suddenly that might make machine and          electronic equipment damage. When blackout and restore, the system of stabilizer will not operate until RESET operation          by adjust setting Manual Reset or Automatic Reset. It provides timing period from 1 to 999 seconds.

   Self Diagnosis
         Design of advance protection system with display (Self-diagnosis function) by checking input voltage that reset system will          not operate if input voltage is higher or lower than setting value then there is cutout of voltage supply when input voltage is          higher or lower than setting value or checking to find error frequency voltage include find out that error operation system or          the devices are damage, as such for safety of instrument, machine or connective equipment.

   Alarm System
        This system will alarm by sound for caution and be able to setting on or of sound alarm, which the system will alarm in these         cases as following:
         When first turn on the stabilizer without press Reset Switch or Auto Reset system still not operates yet.
          The stabilizer will stop operation when blackout and
then restore.
          The stabilizer will stop operation when input voltage
is higher or lower than setting value.
          The stabilizer will stop operation when voltage fluctuation.
          The stabilizer will stop operation when error
frequency voltage.
          The stabilizer will stop operation when error system
or the devices leak or damage.

   Display System
         The display by LED, 7 segments, 4 digits and 2 rows can show both alphabet and numeric. It displays operation and all          value setting of the stabilizer as following:
      Operation Display
Output Voltage
          Input Voltage
          Output Frequency
          Display Brightness
          Time Off
          Shutdown Report
      Adjust Setting Display
          Reset Function
          Input Voltage Protection Function
         Output Voltage Shutdown Function
         Output Voltage Center Setting Function
          Output Frequency Shutdown Function

   Transfer System when need to use current directly without pass the stabilizer (Bypass)
It is a system that user need to use the electricity urgently when the stabilizer is out of order and can not operate as usual           work. It designs for user can use Bypass system with safety, by using Magnetic contactor be as a transferor of the           electrical system, which control the operation by switching.  Be able to protect transference when the stabilizer is           operating and protect surge voltage form blackout and then restore suddenly during in Bypass system.

   Checking and Protection System of error occurrence
       such as:

Self Diagnosis
Out of Limit Shutdown
          Fluctuate Shutdown
          Tap Fail Shutdown
          Frequency Error Shutdown

   Efficiency of the Stabilizer
Silicon Power Supply Co., Ltd. focuses on the all importance that begins from design by taking technology in          nowadays to bring about the most usefulness. To selecting all devices that pass the particular selection and control all          production process, including there is inspection of quality all of every product 100%.



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     voltage stabilizer
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