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   Electrical system of Wyne type, 3 phase, 4 wire,Voltage    380/220 V (Line Line 380 V, Line Neutral 220 V)

   Electrical system of Delta type, 3 phase, 3 wire, Voltage 380   (Line Line 380 V)

Product Overview

       SILICON SR-380X SERIES is Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner, which connects to application with Three-Phase, Four-Wire System, electromotive force at 380/220 V. Capable order special production for apply with Three-Phase, Three-Wire System, electromotive force at 200, 220, 380, 400 V. Or specify voltage match to equipment and machinery that connect to stabilizer such as for example; electronic instrument from abroad in Europe, they are defined voltage 400/230 V, Three-Phase, Four-Wire System or if import from Japan, they are defined voltage 200V, Three-Phase, Three-Wire System.

Operation Characteristic:


The Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line

Conditioner or be known by the name of stabilizer is an equipment for adjusting voltage into available range before supply to application. Even if input voltage fluctuate, for example; it specifies input voltage 380/220 V, regulation +15% to -20%, and output voltage 380/220 V, regulation ±5% , that means input voltage into stabilizer would change up-down estimate


304 to 437 V between Line to Line or 176 to 253 V between Line to Neutral. The stabilizer could control output voltage estimate 361 to 399 V between Line to Line or estimate 209 to 231 V between Line to Neutral all the time. The suppressor protection unit can protect surge occurrence when blackout and then restore suddenly,

also protect all kind of EMI, RFI, Noise, Surge and Spike Voltage.









Selection guide of Stabilizer for suitable      application:

Taking the stabilizer for application to make more efficiency of power quality, should make sure what type of the equipment, machine or electronic are current use and how accuracy are they need? For example; if for general equipment or electronic instrument, should select voltage stabilizer that specifies output regulation not less than ±5%, which is enough to operate for them. But for high sensitive equipment or electronic instrument, should select voltage stabilizer that specifies output regulation not less than ±2.5% or better than as ±1.5%, ±1% or too less value too more accurate control.









How ever, selection guide of stabilizer for application should consider more details and more characteristic. But important factor to consider is operation system or voltage stabilization system. Because nowadays there is some manufacturer and distributor who imported the low cost stabilizer-servo system from China. But servo system characteristic is known by engineer group that the operation system is slower than other type and when the stabilizer is operating, it is also generate line disturbance. Therefore, it is unsuitable application for high sensitive of equipment, machine and electronic instrument, but suit to apply for lighting system, cooling system or general electric appliance, which not assembles high sensitive electronic circuit.


  Voltage Stabilization System
Fast voltage stabilization within 10 mS - 20 mS by Static Electronic System, which is the fastest than other type of voltage       stabilizer. Use Triac or SCR be as an electronic switch to control and change tap transformer (Automatic Tap Change) at         Zero  Voltage Crossing, therefore definitely without line disturbance. It is the best system for suitable application with all         sensitive  electronic equipment.
Power Transformer and Electronic Switch
        Two main transformers are Auto Transformer and Boost Transformer to reduce surge voltage and extend the durable         using of electronic switch device because it dose not receive the direct current so it is rarely less chance to damage. Co-
        operation of two main transformers can supply voltage continually and complete the powerful current.

  Spike Transient Protection and Filter
        Use Metal Oxide Varistor and circuit of Spike Transient Suppressor, which can reduce the line disturbance that may be         caused  by Motor, Welding Machinery, Turning power ON/OF electronic switch or streaked lightning. There are Toroidal
        Coil to protect high frequency such as Radio Frequency Interference and Lighting Gas Arrester to protect danger from         thunderbolt. When input  voltage that coming is higher than normal rate too much, Gas Arrester will force Spike Fuse to be         blowout and then the stabilizer  will stop operation immediately for protect the electronic equipment or computer avoid         from damage.

  Short Circuit Protection
        When there is short circuit in any case of input or output side, the stabilizer will be stopped operation immediately by Fuse         or Circuit Breaker, to cause no electricity supply to input side of the stabilizer for protect connective equipment which is         operating  avoid from danger or damage.

  Surge Voltage Protection
        There are SVP (Surge Voltage Protection) and Reset Switch to protect surge voltage when blackout and then restore          suddenly that machine and electronic equipment might be damage. When blackout and restore, the system of stabilizer
will not operate until RESET operation. Two type of Reset Switch are Manual Reset and Automatic Reset.

  Automatic Controller
        This circuit do function as control the output voltage that supplying, if the voltage supply has an error over than normal rate 
        (±10%) , the stabilizer will stop operation immediately, then the sensor of the stabilizer will check internal devices          whenever  there is leak or out of order, which effect to be mistaken of operation. Therefore the stabilizer will stop         operation immediately.

  Alarm System
        This circuit will alarm when the stabilizer has something wrong in any case of non-supplying of output voltage as

       When first turn on the stabilizer without press Reset Switch or Auto Reset system operates.
       When blackout and restore.
       When input voltage be higher or lower than setting value.
       When internal devices leak or damage that effect to be error of operation.
When short circuit.
       When thunderbolt into distributor wire, which cause of making too much higher input voltage for a moment. Then
         protection set will force FUSE SPIKE to be blowout.

  Display System
        Display system of the stabilizer consist of important parts are:
       In/Out Voltage is a meter that display Input and Output Voltage by able to select the display with Selector Switch.
       Output Current is a meter that display current value that is used pass through the stabilizer.
       Input Indicator are the lamps that display input voltage, which supply to the stabilizer in 3 phase of Phase R,
          S and T.

       Reset Lamp is the lamp that will always brighten when the stabilizer is normal operation.

  Bypass System
        It is a device for emergency case when the stabilizer is out of order and need to use the electricity urgently by using of the         electricity that is connected directly, without pass the voltage stabilization system of the stabilizer. For convenience and         safety  to user that no need to move AC power cord at Input and Output side of the stabilizer. Bypass System of   Silicon       Power  Supply   is designed for the best safety. This system is operated by Magnetic, which control turning power         ON/OF with switch and also can protect Bypass operation while the stabilizer is operating. There is Bypass system in all         the stabilizer of Three  Phase system models.

  Efficiency of the Stabilizer
        SILICON POWER SUPPLY CO., LTD  focuses on the importance of product quality that begins from design process by         taking the advanced technology to make the most useful. All of equipment parts are passed by careful selection and are         controlled in  every process of production. Including, verification of quality on every product 100%.


Products for Industrial sector
  Single phase system: SRD-Series
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