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Product Overview

SILICON VR-100ie is Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/ Line conditioner, which is designed to protect and solve electrical problems such as; under or over voltage, brownout, surge and so on. VR-100ie developed from VR-100i by improvement of higher quality and more useful receptacle. Including add more Ferrite Cylinder in stabilizer for the highest efficiency of electric filtration.

VR-100ie is appropriated to supply power quality for hi-fi stereo and home theatre set such as; CD, VCD, DVD, Tuner, TV, A/V Receiver, D/A Converter, Integrated Amplifier, Pre Amplifier and Power Amplifier, which will improve the extreme operation of audio and video system with durable using.

VR-100ie has capability to control accurately output voltage regulation at ±5%. The power rating provides to apply with audio/video and home theater system, which has power consumption not over 800 Watt.



   Fast voltage stabilization within 20 mS by Static Electronic System.

   Use Thyristor for changing coil of wire in transformer by Zero Voltage Crossing System, noiseless and without generate
          line disturbance during stabilization.

   Input voltage range from 160 V to 260 V.

   Output voltage 220 V ±5%.

   Receptacle 3 pins, universal type, 2 outlets with Star Circuit Wiring.  

   AC INPUT power cord 14 AWG x 2.5 M, IEC Connector and Plug are changeable type for upgrade in the future.

   Protection of line disturbance such as; Noise, Transient voltage, EMI and RFI.

   Input Indicator Display by LED, 4 Levels.

   Overload and Output short circuit Protection.


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