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Product Overview

SIDITAL Space 1 is an isolation-line conditioner, which is especially designed for hi-end audio/video components and home theater. Its design shows eminence innovation of modern classic appearance and harmony with audio/video set. Besides prominent appearance, Space 1 is also determined to create for the highest efficiency of line conditioner to pure electricity and significant of high efficiency supply to apply for the perfect responsibility of audiophile and videophile.



   Maximum watt 2,000 W. by two system of the filtration are:

       Line Conditioner System, maximum watt 1,000 to 2,000 W. 2 Outlets at FILTER, power depends on  working in Power           Isolate System that calculated by:
          line conditioner = 2,000 - Watt (Power Isolator System)
       Power Isolator System, maximum watt 1,000 W, 4 Outlets at ISOLATED.

   AC power cord is double PVC insulation, UL standard, CSA No.14 AWG x 2.5 M, 3 Wire ground with three pins of mould          plug IEC port connector, which can change for upgrade.

   Receptacle supplies high current 20 A, isolated ground NEMA 5-20R type, MARINCO brand that can supply full current          and power. It provides to apply for 6 outlets.

   Display System of the Blue Light LED 2 Lamps are:     
       LED at "POWER" will brighten when turn on power switch.
        LED at "GROUND" will brighten when electrical system connects correctly to ground line system.

   Overload and Output Short Circuit Protection of 2 FUSES are:
        MAIN FUSE for protection of all Unit System.
        ISOLATED OUTPUT FUSE for peotection of Power Isolator System.

   Transient and Surge Suppression by Varistor. It has maximum clamping voltage: 710 V at 200 A,energy absorption:
        320 joules /2 mS, maximum surge current: 16.000 A at 8/20 µS. It can protect lightning surge by gas arrestor
        that can  withstand surge current 5,000 A at 8/20 µS. and inrush current 10,000 A at 8/20 µS. Gas Arrestor and         Varistor of  EPCOS brand are selected to use as the leader of these devices.

  RFI and EMI Filter in line Conditioner System, by Differential Mode Choke by Single Mode Choke and Common          Mode  Choke with large Toroidal Coil to provide high Inductance by using larger rate of copper wire,but not lose induced          value to supply both normal impulse discharge current and single impulse discharge current, without effect to suppress or         drop voltage as general filter likely Modul type prefabrication, which unsuitable using with high fidelity stereo because the         small size of copper wire and Toroidal are the causes of transient and surge voltage. Line Conditioner system operates with
         X2, Y2 Capacitor and EXTRA FILTER system by using Power Capacitor for the bast filtation in line disturbance.

   Power Isolator System is absolutely separated to INPUT and OUTPUT electrical system, high filtration capacity with          Copper Shield, Electrostatic Type for decreasing Capacitance value between both coil of wire, including Balance          Transformer system design, which highest efficiency filtration. (Balance system is set to work only when user press          GROUND switch to CONNECT position as electrical system must be ground line and correct connection to 3 wire ground          receptacle, but Balance system will not work for unground line and user should press switch to DISCONNECT position for          correct and appropriate using of Space 1.)

   Natural Rubber Base, special design EPDM/80 grade, model SOFA.

   Dimension 305 W x 210 H x 270 mm, Weight 25 kg.

   All devices of Space 1 were selected by the best quality control and certified testing that complies by TIS 1195-2536.

   Warrantee period of product for 3 years with free of charge both services and all spare parts. Also provides on-site         services for customer in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area by free of charge through warrantee period.

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