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3,300 W
280 x 110 x 210 mm

Product Overview

Mountain 1 Next is the third generation of Mountain 1 Series; it was developed to higher quality and efficiency by particular design, such as the wiring inside unit, the connective points and all details of this product, as well as all parts of the implement were selected by quality control. Give effect to the formal electric energy supply for responding the superiority using both of Audio and Video equipment. Furthermore, Mountain 1 Next maintains in utmost usefulness for variety using as available receptacle with all round plug and flat plug. Capable using in many places and unmodified adjustment for ground or unground line system. This is the Line Conditioner, which has full capacity and higher worthiness more than price and the best quality standard more than others.        



Maximum current 3,000 watt.

Added size of wire inside the unit to support more power rating.

Special design for main line of electrical system from Input plug to Output receptacle without pass PCB board which        cause of reduced electric current.

Electrical circuit designs for responding various applications by separate between Hi-Power and Filter Set which can       choose direct connection or connect pass line conditioner circuit.

Copper Receptacle Type of Hospital Grade, Straight Blade, Isolated Ground, NEMA 5-20R Standard which supply        maximum current 20 amp to Hi-Power Output.

Copper Receptacle Type of Standard Grade, Straight Blade, NEMA 5-15R Standard. Operate with National Receptacle         to Filter Output.

National or Panasonic Receptacle Type of Universal Extra Grade, Wide Series and IEC 60884-1 Standard with 2 receptacles of each        red and yellow. The copper conductor is excellent supply to maximum current 16 amp to Filter Output.

Special design for AC power cord, 14 AWG x 2.5 M, IEC Connector and Plug are removable and changeable type to        upgrade in the future.

Special design for Feature by the strong and durable steel structure. The steel structure is Galvanized sink metal 1.2 mm.        with special grade color coating and stainless screws for seizing the structure.

Natural Rubber Base of SOFA model and EPDM/60 grade. It specially designs and extra produces for high quality of        seizing body and vanishing vibration.

Connect the wiring with Star Circuit System to each of receptacles and the wire’s direction is required placing line by        alphabets.

Surge, Spike and Transient Voltage Suppression to protection for AV System by Gas Arrester and Varistor of EPCOS        as the leader in these components. This Gas Arrester can supply Max Surge Current 10 kA and Varistor can absorb energy        1,038 joules.


Confidential Line Conditioner by reduce Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). 
       Line Conditioner System
operates with X2, Y2 Capacitor and Toroidal Coil which has large copper wire encircle large axle of        Toroidal Ferrite to make high Inductance and efficient line conditioner without effect to reduce or drop electric current as        general filter as Module Type prefabrication which unsuitable for using with High Fidelity Stereo because the small size of        copper wire and Toroidal are the main cause of reduced or drop voltage.


 Usability both Ground and Unground Line System by select to Connect or Disconnect Switch match your electrical        system.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection.

Produced under the quality standard by Thailand Industrial Standard      Institute. (TIS 1195-2536)

According to the excellent design and high quality production, then guarantee for 3 years of free charge services on site in        Bangkok Metropolis and free spare parts.


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