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Product Overview

       SIDITAL SXD-SERIES is the masterpiece innovation,which is achieved the utmost technology revolution of automatic voltage stabilizer by high efficiency and high power performance. The product appearance is prominent modern classic with very nice figure and strong durable, as this characteristic is a symbol of SIDITAL. Every material and devices are chosen only high grade quality. The products were passed by particular production procedure with assured testing and strict quality control to each one of product under the quality management system by ISO certified, all of these to provide high quality and efficiency for hi-end application both audiophile and videophile.

       SXD-SERIES takes the advanced digital technology to operate accurately and fast throughout power, which is the special privilege of SIDITAL. only. It can improve power quality by automatic adjustment to control voltage at 230V ± 1% conform to spec of audio/video components that import from aboard to operate with complete efficiency.

Numeric and character display system will  show quite clearly every status for
using such as; output voltage, input voltage, frequency, and sleep timer.

Menu function system
provides a freedom to user for fast setting and comfortable operation by buttons at the front panel.
ere are 3 models of SXD-SERIES as  
model SXD-25 power rating 2,000 watt 
model SXD-35 power rating 3,000 watt  
model SXD-55 power rat ing 4,000 watt.


   The stabilizer is controlled and displayed by ultramodern digital system, that effect to fine, correct, accurate and speedy
   Control output voltage regulation at ±1%.
   Precise voltage 0.1V.
   Use electronic switch for changing tap transformer at Zero Voltage Crossing and special design isolated electronic switch
     from main power of Input and Output, therefore definitely without line disturbance.
   Fastest respondence more than other type of voltage stabilizer.
   Advance protection system with display (Self-diagnosis function).
   Delayed supply output voltage to decrease inrush current that effect to load of connective equipment.
   Protect surge voltage after blackout and then restore suddenly by reset system, which can set Manual or Auto reset as user       can set timer.
   Set output voltage center to match with using of connective equipment from 200 V – 240 V.
   Over and under voltage protection can set appropriately with voltage and timing.
   Build-in automatic shutdown when frequency error and voltage fluctuation, which can set to turn on or turn of system.
   Automatic shutdown display and keep in memory for review.
   Sound alarm system can set on or off status.
   Sleep timer setting can set a time period from 1 minute to 300 minutes.
   Provide freedom of setting all function to available application by pressing buttons at the front panel without remove the cover.
   EMI/RFI Line filters and Spike Fuse can protect lightning surge voltage.
   Special design for main line of electrical system from input plug to output receptacle without pass print line or copper line that       be cause of suppression or reduction the current supply.




   Digital Technology is the advancement of digital control and display, which can stabilizer accurately voltage and speedy          operation. Without generate noise and line disturbance when operating. All operation setting can be adjusted by user.

   The Operation Control System, by checking the output voltage to make more accuracy than by checking the input           voltage. The transformer tap can be changed more than once and uses the precise calculated system to make the output           voltage into the regular setting value very quick.

   Two Main Transformers System co-operate fine stabilizer to supply continually and complete powerful current, which           better than one main transformer system. Without purr and vibration when operating. EMI shield in transformers can protect           mahnetic field to disturb other components in nearby area.

   The AC Power Cord and Plug are designed dor suitable application with audio and home theater, which need more           sudden supply of enough current rating for audio system operation. The structure of cord are three wires with special type
          of double insulation and double shield with overall foil shield and copper braid comply with CL2, CL3 by UL standard. It
          cna protect high frequency noise and electromagnetic disturbance to audio/video signal cord or other AC power cord.
          Also three pins plug MARINCO brand, complies with NEMA 5-15P standard, which the material use in studio. When           assembel with  wire cord, its body will be covered and no gab to prevent dust and oxide at terminal.

   Receptacle Application of model SXD-25 provides 8 outlets;SXD-35 and SXD-55 provide 10 outlets. There are high          current rating 20 A; isolated ground type by MARINCO BRAND, COMPLIES WITH NEMA 5-20R. For model SXD-25 is          available use for 6 outlets, SXD-35 and SXD-55 and available use for 8 outlets and there are high current rating 16A;
         universal type, wide seties, special grade and red colour by National or Panasonic brand, complies with IEC 60884-1,          which are available use for 2 outlets of each model.

   Internal Wiring Connection is accorded by printed character on wire direction. The output supply system section is Star          Circuit System wiring principle to protect disturbance between connective equipment and to supply fully current.

   SXD-Series Can Protect Spike, Transient and Surge Voltage by Varistor. When the protection is operated by         activate spike fuse. The protection grade are maximum at 710 V/200A and energy absorber between Line and Neutral
        at 604 joules/2 mS, inrush current 16,000 A at 8/20 µS. While an energy absorber between Neutral and Ground at
        302 joul es/2 mS, nrush surge current 16,000 A at 8/20 µS.

   SXD-Series Can Protect Lightning Surge Current by Lightning Gas Arrester to withstand normal impulse          discharge current 5 kA at 8/20 µS and single impulse discharge current 10 kA at 8/20 µS.

   The Line Conditioner System is low-pass filter, as second order type to install both input and output section. It can          suppress noise RFI and EMI by designed the toroidal coil to generate high inductance (use copper wire larger then          according maximum current but not lose inductance to supply continually and suddenly of full current) that co-operate with
         X2,  Y2 capacitor to improve noise suppression.


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