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Question – Answer About the Stabilizer

Q: What is the stabilizer that control voltage and protect line disturbance and how does it do the      function?
A: It is the stabilizer that stabilizes the stable voltage by automatic and do function to protect and solve an error of       the electrical system such as drop voltage, over voltage, surge voltage, line disturbance and danger from       lightning.

Q: How many systems of the stabilizer and what is the best system?
A: There are many systems such as Ferro Resonance, Servo Motor Control, Automatic Tap Change that       divides to minor system are Dynamic Electronics and Static Electronic. There are more other systems       but now it is quite very few.

     Ferro Resonance System is high durable because it has not too much devices but the weak point is the signal waveform will be inaccuracy and not suit for application with equipment or electronic devices that effect to the signal waveform of electricity.

Servo Motor Control System uses motor to drive arm device or axle that seize with brush to move along contact surface. The weak point of the voltage stabilization is quite slowly and might make noise and disturbed signal into the electrical system. Life - time of using the stabilizer depends on the operation condition and need maintenance more than other systems. This system is unsuitable for high sensitive electronic equipment and high technology machines but it is suitable application with light system, cooling system and general electric appliances, which are not high sensitive of line disturbance and no need fast respondence.

Automatic Tap Change System will stabilize the voltage by changing Tap of transformer that there are both systems of Dynamic and Static, which Dynamic system will be movement at the contact of switch for changing Tap of transformer to cut out and connect at voltage range that is not be zero voltage crossing. Besides to make slow stabilization, remains to make line disturbance during voltage stabilization that is the limit of using as same as Servo system, but Static Electronic System will stabilize the voltage by changing Tap of transformer with electronic switch at Zero Voltage Crossing to make fast voltage stabilization and without line disturbance and need less maintenance. Therefore, Static Electronic System is the best system, which is suitable application with equipment, machines and electronic devices that they are all high sensitive.
Comparative specification of Static and Servo (Single Phase) system
  Comparative specification of Static and Servo (Three Phase) system

Q: Why electronic equipment or high technology machine need to use the stabilizer?

A: Because nowadays equipment and machine are controlled by computer system, which there is complicated      electronic circuit and an error of electricity may be make electronic circuit do wrong operation or damage, cause      to waste time and expense for repair, which it will make more bad results.

Q: Is it worth for investment, if the stabilizer is used?

A: Definitely the most worthiness because the price of the stabilizer is very low if compare with equipment, machine       or the damage that might be occur. Therefore, if taking the stabilizer to install for using, it will be able to protect       and solve all problems from error of electrical system and can improve higher of power quality to make       equipment and machine do efficient operation.

Q: Are there difficult for installation, using and maintenance?      

It is very easy to install by taking the stabilizer to connect between receptacle and electronic equipment or if the      stabilizer is a large size then just connect between MDB and machine. For maintenance is quit be not often if the      stabilizer is Static Electronics System.

Q: What is the company that the stabilizer be accepted and trusted?

A: SILICON POWER SUPPLY is the most reliable and acceptable company and be the exact leadership in the      manufacturer group of the stabilizer in Thailand, be the creature of standard products to be accepted more than      28 years.        

Q: What is the new vision for the business administrators that focus on the most efficiency in     nowadays?

 A: Nowadays, POWER QUALITY becomes the important issue that is the topic which always talking about.       Because today we have to depend on computer, instrument, machine and electronic equipment more than the       past. Preparing of protection or solving the mistake to make electronic equipment, high technology and machine       can operate fully efficiency without an error. Therefore, taking the stabilizer that is higher standard from SILICON     POWER SUPPLY to protect and solve all problems from electrical system for electronic equipment and high      technology machine, this is the best choice and the best worth for administrator who focuses on the most      efficiency in nowadays.


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