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Company name Silicon Power Supply Co., Ltd.
Address 455/13-16 Soi Phibunuppatham,
Latphrao Road,
Samsennok Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320
Telephone no. 0 2275 1182, 0 2275 1275
0 2275 7161, 0 2276 9973
Fax no. 0 2275 7309
Website http://www.siliconthai.com
E-mail info@siliconthai.com
Estiblished June 12, 1985
Capital 4 Million Baht (Paid-up)
Share holder Thai 100%
Employee Estimately 32 Persons
Product Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner
Member • The Federation of Thai Industries
• Electronic & Computer Employers’ Association
• Electrical and Electronics Institute (EEI)
• Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development
• Audio and Visual Trading Association (Thai)
Product certificated TIS 1195-2536
Certified body Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI)
Towards development


Silicon Power Supply Co., Ltd.  was established
on 12 June 1985
to carry on the manufacturing and distribution of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner, which operate by Static Ectronic System as for the best available voltage regulation to apply for equipment and industrial machineries, scientific equipment and all high-sensitive electronic equipment. Our company's purpose are both of development on products and services for responding customer satisfaction and their requirement. As well as our Quality Policy is "Develop Products, Advance towards Quality and Care for Services; To Satisfy Customer"

Therefore, we focus on development and improvement our products by Research & Development Division. To proceed the development of products for continuous higher quality.

We developed our products to apply for single-phase type in model SR-Series and three-phase type in model SR-380X which new modern feature design and improve the durable the operation system also.

Our company designed and developed products to apply for audio/video set and home theatre in model
SX-Series and next develop to be model SX-Gi Series.




We developed the operation system by using Digital Control and Display System that provide voltage stabilization to refined operation, be accuracy and more speed up to voltage as be set by automatic. This technology was patented by Department of Intellectual Property.

We took digital technology to apply for design and development the products that use for audio/video set and home theatre in model SXD-Series and SXE-20.

Our company developed latest product in model
SRD-Series to a new innovation of Digital Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner under trademark of SIDITAL. The SRD-Series products were designed to control the operation system and display with digital system, which respond to be accuracy and more speed up in operation.




The quality is a necessary thing of development both products and management system. Therefore, we emphasize the procedure of products's quality control
  controlling of inspection and quality control that beginning from all incoming materials inspection, which use for production. When the parts were assembled in unit, then forward to Quality Control (QC) process once again and it need to forward to the second of Quality Assurance (QA) for the last process to ensure that all products are the best quality.

We can prove our attention and attempt to quality by
our products that designed to apply for audio/video set
and home theater were passed testing that accord to Industrial Standard TISI 1195-2536  certified by Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI).


Silicon Power Supply Co., Ltd. 455/13-16 Soi Phibunuppatham, Latphrao Road, Samsennok, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320
Tel: +66 2275 1182, +66 2275 1275, +66 2275 7161, +66 2276 9973 Fax: +66 2275 7309
 E-mail : info@siliconthai.com
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